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How much New Dentures Cost?

Whenever people think of their oral health and fitting dentures, the first thing that comes into the mind is the price. How much New Dentures Cost? is one of the most common questions that people ask when it comes to dentures. This is because dentures are actually somewhat expensive.

Dentures Cost

Dentures Cost

Dentures are expensive enough to create holes in most people’s pockets. However, they are equally important for your gums wellbeing and oral health. And hence, there are various ways through which you can also get cheap dentures.

If you want to know how to get cheap dentures, what are the ways to get cheap dentures, then keep reading the article below.

How much does New Dentures Cost?

As said before, dentures surely are expensive and can cost a lot. However, what it cost for your friend or relative or neighbor would not be exact that will cost you. This is because everyone has a different mouth and different oral health conditions.

A lot of factors collectively determine the cost of dentures. Given below is a detailed description of such different factors. Whether you are getting full or partial dentures, further what kind of dentures you are getting immediate or conventional, other associated procedures like tooth extraction and if it is simple or surgical, and so on.

According to the oral conditions and convenience of the patients, there are various types of dentures. There are also many other associated costs like X-rays, etc. that you might have to consider. Go through them to get an idea of what your dentures might cost you.

Factors you need to consider before getting Cheap Dentures

There are different types of dentures according to which the price of dentures is determined. Given below are the factors that determine the cost of dentures. You can go through these factors and see what type you fit in and thus determine the cost too.

Full Denture Cost

Full Dentures mean a full arch of permanent artificial teeth. These can cost you around $1,000 whether it is on the lower or upper jaw. But there are again different types of full dentures as below which further differ a little in their prices.

how much do implant supported dentures cost

how much do implant supported dentures cost

  • Immediate Full Dentures

Immediate Full dentures are those when the patient’s teeth are retained and meanwhile the dentures are made. In case of immediate dentures, the back teeth are removed already so that the gum tissue, as well as the jawbone, can heal. But the front teeth are kept.

After the dentures are ready, the dentist extracts the front teeth as well, and right away the dentures are placed. Such immediate dentures can either be a transition prosthesis until permanent dentures are made or simply be permanent dentures.

Many dentists consider immediate dentures as temporary and thus they cannot be worn for more than 6 months before the permanent option is placed. The immediate dentures can be priced anywhere from $1,500 to $3,300.

  • Conventional Full Dentures

In Conventional full dentures, the patients have to stay without teeth for a few days or maybe a few weeks in some cases so that during this time, their dentures are made as well as their gums and jawbones are given the time to heal. The price of a Conventional full denture can be between $1,200 and $3,000.

  • Implant-Supported Dentures (Fixed)

Implant-supported overdentures are the most popular ones from the mentioned four full dentures. They can be priced anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000. In case you need both an upper as well as a lower one, then you can expect a price between $7,000 to $90,000.

  • Implant-Retained Dentures (Removable)

Implant-retained overdentures also known as snap-in dentures are similar to the implant-supported overdentures. These are those dentures where two or more implants are given to connect a removable denture.

These type of dentures are very helpful for chewing, better than the standard dentures. However, one drawback of these dentures would be sore spots from the implants. The average price of these dentures is $11,000 per arch. But the price can differ from $8,000 – $17,500.

Partial Denture Cost

Similar to the full dentures, the cost of partial dentures too depends on the type of partial dentures you get. They are as follows –

  • Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-Supported Bridges are the most comfortable and convenient partial dentures than the other two. The prosthesis of this dentures are with the accurate number of artificial teeth that you will need. They are priced between $500 to $1,200 per artificial tooth.

  • Metal Partial Dentures Cost

Since these are made up of metal, they are very much durable and also comfortable. These metal dentures are made customizable according to the patient. And hence, they are a little more costly. You can expect these dentures at a price anywhere in between $900 and $2,000.

  • Flexible Partial Dentures Cost

As the name says, flexible partial dentures are made up of bendable material which is of the same color as gums. These dentures are indeed quite flexible as they are comfortable to wear.

These are also removable in most cases and thus can be easily cleaned.  They come at a price of anywhere around $1,000 to $1,500.

Other Associated Costs

Apart from the cost mentioned above, there is more to the dentures price. There are a number of associated procedures like denture relines, tooth extractions, etc. We did not include such additional costs in the above prices. So here is the cost you can expect for such procedures –

  • Denture Reline

Denture reline is another one of the most crucial dental services associated with dentures. This procedure is followed when the material inside the denture requires replacement. This means you will have to get the lining of the denture replaced.

In order to get a total denture reline, you can expect a cost from $280 to  $400 per upper or lower denture. But note that, if the lab relines your dentures and not the dentist, then this can cost you $500 or more per upper or lower.

  • Simple Tooth Extraction

As the name suggests, in this procedure, a tooth is extracted which is causing issues like penetrating through the gums, having a decay, infection or disease, fractured or chipped tooth because of any injury, etc.

This procedure can cost you somewhere around $110 and $220 per tooth and the fees include other related services anesthetics, post-operative care, stitches, etc. But it does not include any tests cost like X-rays, etc.

  • Surgical Tooth Extraction

Surgical Tooth Extraction is a process that will require a huge amount of precision. This procedure is carried out for the erupted teeth that need additional steps like trimming the bone around the tooth or cutting the tooth in smaller pieces so as to remove it. You can now imagine the precision needed!

This method is required in case you have a tooth that has broken off at or below the gum line. This procedure will cost you around $185 to $370 per tooth. Note that similar to the above process, this one too does not include the extra service costs like sedation or X-rays, etc.

How Much Do Dentures Cost Without Insurance?

It can be true that many people do not have dental insurance or even if they have it, it might not always help you pay for dentures. Plus, one can get coverage only for particular types of dentures in a specified time period. And thus, you might mostly end up paying half of the dentures cost.

how much do permanent dentures cost

how much do permanent dentures cost

There is also an annual spending limit on the policies which can restrict your spending from the policy insurance. But the thing is you can, for most of the times, get low-cost dentures. There are certain types of dentures called as economy dentures which you can get for a price between $500 and $1,400 per upper or lower.

Dental Discount Plans

If you did not know, Dental Discount Plans are one of the most well-known ways to get dentures at a low cost. The best part about dental discount plans is that there are no restrictions on when one can get dentures or what dental services you can or cannot get.

Another great thing about dental discount plans is that there is no annual limit on spending. In order to get the benefits of this plan, all you need to do is sign up for it, then get your membership card and then get discounts of as much as 60% on each dental visit!

Concluding Words

That was it all about how much dentures cost. As you might have understood by now, a lot of factors play a crucial role in determining the price of your dentures. But in the end, most dentures turn out to be very costly. To help you out, we also mentioned various ways to get cheap dentures.

In case you have any more questions to ask, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out.

Healthy Smiling:-)

How to take Care of Dentures?

In this article, we will be sharing with you all, How to take Care of Dentures. If your Dentures are new and you want to know how you can take care of them to keep them in good condition for as long as possible, then this guide will help you out.

how to take care of dentures

how to take care of dentures

Although dentures are not your own and are artificial yet it is important that you take proper care of them as they will be helping you with eating and talking. If you wish to have healthy gums, then this step cannot be unseen. Below we have mentioned some of the Dos and Don’ts about cleaning dentures and how to take care of dentures.

How to take Care of Dentures?

Check out the below sections to see how can I take care of dentures. Also, make sure to go through the ‘what not to do while cleaning dentures’.

How to remove dentures easily?

Note that your dentures are quite fragile so you need to remove them in a proper way. You can start by rinsing your mouth with warm water. This will help you in removing the dentures further. Now take out the upper denture by forcing the thumb against the front teeth. Next, press up and out. Now to remove the lower denture, rotate the denture loose and then pull it out.

How to take care of dentures?

In order to clean the dentures, fill in the sink with water. Now clean the dentures over the sink. Clean the dentures from all across to remove any food particles. Make sure that while you are cleaning the dentures, always use lukewarm or cool water but never hot water.

What NOT to do while cleaning dentures?

Here are some of the most common mistakes you need to avoid while cleaning dentures. Make sure to not do anything mentioned below for better care of your dentures.

best way to clean dentures

best way to clean dentures

  • Don’t use toothpaste to Clean dentures Everyday

One of the most important rituals is brushing your teeth. Brushing teeth will not just remove debris from your teeth and mouth but also check the plaque that forms out of the food stuck in your mouth.

For those of you who do not know, plaque is the whitish film on your teeth that forms from bacteria. This plaque can further damage your gums and also loosen the fit of your denture.

So, in order to remove the plaque, you will have to use a bristled toothbrush but make sure to not use a hard one as it could be rough on your dentures and further could damage it.

Also, with the soft-bristled toothbrush make sure to not brush it carelessly or roughly. You should use gentle techniques for brushing your dentures so as to not harm the bend attachments. You can clean dentures in between meals or before sleeping at night.

Also, note that if you used to use whitening toothpaste on your teeth, then it does not mean that you can use it for your dentures as well. Whitening or any sort of toothpaste is not safe for cleaning dentures. Hence, do not use them for your dentures.

  • Do not use hot water to clean dentures

Whenever you are cleaning your dentures, it is essential that you use either Lukewarm or cool water but never hot water. Hot water can deform the shape of your dentures and also affect its fit in the mouth.

  • Do not use Abrasive Cleaning items to clean dentures

There are various abrasive cleaning items like hard bristle toothbrushes and caustic solutions. Such abrasive cleansers are not at all recommended for dentures. Your dentures might get damaged because of such abrasive cleaning. So it is recommended to avoid any such abrasive methods of cleaning.

  • Do not use products that have bleach

Bleach falls under the category of an abrasive substance that can actually change the color of your denture and also weaken it. A few cleaning solutions use bleach or bleaching agents that can affect the longevity of your dentures. They are also known to impair the metal fixtures on the dentures and hence it is recommended that you stay away from such bleach products.

  • Do not miss Regular Check-ups

Regular Check-ups are one of the most crucial things when it comes to taking care of dentures. Of course, you would not be able to understand the condition of your denture like a dentist would. Generally, your dentist will tell you how often you have to visit them. But just make sure to go for such timely checkups.

denture cleaner

denture cleaner


How to take care of dentures when not using them?

In case you do not know, you should remove your dentures while going to sleep as you will be tired of wearing them the whole day. The major reason for this is that sleeping with your dentures still in your mouth possesses severe damage to your health.

So, when you are sleeping, you should not use dentures. It will also help your gums relax a little. But note that when you are not using dentures, you must keep them moist. You can immerse your dentures in simple water or in a cleanser solution. This will help the dentures maintain their shape and it will not warp.

However, if there are any metal bridges in your dentures, then do not put it in the cleansing solution as they may cause rusting. Apart from this, your dentist will certainly guide you on how to take care of dentures when not wearing them. Make sure to follow all of those instructions daily.

Can I repair or adjust dentures?

No. It is better to NOT mess with your dentures by yourself. When you get your dentures from the dentist, you will have to visit them again after some time for follow-up check-ups. But you must never try to repair or adjust your dentures, even if they fit loose.

If you feel like you need any sort of adjustments or repairs with your dentures, then visit your dentist. Do not try to twist any of the metal attachments by yourself. This can damage the metal structure of your dentures and you might also lose your dentures.

Also, note that you might come across different types of ‘Do-it-yourself’ denture kits. All such kits can permanently cause damage to your dentures. In case you come across any loosely fitted dentures, it is better to visit your dentist to avoid any further irritation to the gums.

How often do I need to replace dentures?

Dentures will most certainly get affected in their quality after some time. Plus, your jaw and face shape might also go through some changes because of the age factor. Hence, you will have to remake your dentures, or else they will not fit in your mouth. Generally, dentures can be used for about 5 to 7 years before needing replacement but this can also be wary in certain cases. if you want to reline it please consult the dentist and take necessary precautions.

Bottom Line

I hope you all could easily understand How to take Care of Dentures using the above article. Taking care of dentures is a very crucial step as they act like your body part. Any carelessness there will directly affect your gums and oral health.

Before making any assumptions or taking things in your hand, make sure to refer to the above article and also listen to what your dentist says. In case you have any more questions related to dentures then feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out.

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What is a denture reline? How much should a denture reline cost?

In this article, we will answer your questions like What is a denture reline? How much should a denture reline cost? and all other related questions about denture reline. If you are looking forward to taking denture relines or want to know more about this process, keep reading further.

best denture reline kit

best denture reline kit

What is a denture reline?

For those of you who do not know, denture reline means renewing the lining of the prosthesis in your mouth.

Dental reline is done to make sure that the patient has a perfect fit for their teeth and that the health of their gums and thus making your gums healthy along with remaining teeth.

This will further make mouth-related activities like Eating and talking easier. The best part about denture recline is that they are very affordable.

Denture reline types and procedure

Given below are the most general denture reline types and procedures. You can go through them all and see the differences they have.

Lab reline

You are required to get a hard reline done externally in every 2 years or more. A hard reline is one such procedure that might take a few days even if the office has all the required equipment. This procedure requires the patients to come back next week for a second appointment. All this while, you will not be having teeth.

A hard reline needs very few adjustments but is less flexible to touch when compared with a soft reline. You can expect the below procedure of things in case of a hard reline –

  1. The hard reline procedure begins with cleansing your mouth and the denture. The dentist will take a part of plastic from the dentures inside part.
  2. Then they apply putty at the places where the dentures come in contact with the tissues.
  3. Now an impression of your mouth is made by placing the putty in your denture. Then to get a shape, the putty is left to harden.
  4. This now goes to the lab where the lab technicians make acrylic in the accurate shape of that impression just sent. This is then attached to your denture.
  5. Now you will come in for a fitting of the denture. After the dentist and lab have made the adjustments to the shape of your denture to fit you well.

Chairside reline

As the name suggests, a chairside reline is done when the patient is in the dentist’s chair. Also known as Soft reline, this type of denture reline happens in a single visit. This reline is durable for a time period of 1 to 2 years. In this denture reline process, the below things can be seen happening –

  1. The first process is when the dentist takes your denture out and cleans it. You will be given a professional tooth cleaning in most cases.
  2. The dentist will now apply a flexible material on the inner side of the denture. It can either be waxy or rubber or anything in between these two.
  3. Now he will place the prosthesis inside your mouth such that the putty will mold the accurate shape of your mouth and gums.
  4. Soon the material put inside will harden and then the denture will fit you well.
how much does it cost to reline dentures

how much does it cost to reline dentures

This Chairside Denture reline process is especially articulated for those who are not able to wear dentures anymore as their gums have become more tender. But if they do not wear dentures, it might create sore spots in their mouth leading to further discomfort and pain.

Dentures are generally made of hard acrylic and the soft relining material is more comfortable and pliable for the patients. Most dentists consider chairside reline as the best kind of denture reline.

You will have to note one thing here that, if you are someone who has gone beyond the stage of sore spots, then just a chairside/soft reline will not be of much help at this point. In such cases, the actual shape of the denture is the culprit causing the problem.

If you are in such a situation, then an emergency reline will be your option. Or implant-supported dentures or just surgery will be needed to right the wrong.

Emergency reline

If you have started getting any pain or sore spots or if you go on a regular checkup, your dentist might perform an emergency recline depending on your oral conditions. This can happen when someone has ignored their inflamed gums because of delaying getting a hard or soft recline at the time when required.

In such a case, you will be given a medicated material that will bring down the inflammation in the mouth. Since your soft tissues are facing the problem, nothing else can be done until they heal completely. The process of Emergency reline, looks something like this –

  1. Firstly, the dentist will clean your mouth and denture neatly.
  2. Now they will apply the medicated material to your denture and then fit it back in your mouth.
  3. Soon this will harden and then you can go home with your teeth.

Since this was just an emergency reline, you will have to go back to the dentist soon for long-term treatment and get a durable reline or a new denture. If you do not take the long-term treatment, it might cause your denture and also the soft tissues in your mouth.

How much should a denture reline cost?

cost to reline dentures

cost to reline dentures

Denture reline cost depends on a lot of factors like the material used for the process, if it is an emergency treatment, whether the procedure is conducted in a lab or in an office, and so on. All of these and many other factors play a role in determining the denture reline cost.

Typically, denture relines are priced from anywhere between $300 to $500. As mentioned before, the price depends on the type of reline you are getting, whether it is soft or lab reline, if you are having a full or a partial denture, and to what extent your teeth and mouth have suffered.

In the case of a Chairside or a soft denture, one will have to pay anything between -$280 to $395. Whereas, for a hard lab denture, you will be required to pay something between – $350 to $475.

Since both the procedures are performed in an office, the cost of temporary relines is quite the same as chairside or soft relines. But in case of emergency treatment, you might be charged an extra fee due to the extra damage that has happened to your mouth.

Note – If you are thinking of taking the help of insurance, then in the majority of the cases denture relines are not covered by the insurance. So, make sure to go through all such points before you rely on insurance.

Get affordable denture reline near you

We have mentioned the most common denture reline prices according to the types above. With that, you might have got an idea of what a denture reline can cost you. So make sure that you do not overpay for a denture reline. You do not have to rely on someplace that is far and would get the job done at a lesser price.

If you are looking for getting an affordable denture, then make sure that you do not fall for any sort of scam. You can make use of official services that can help you get the best dentist at low prices like Authority Dental. 

denture reline

denture reline


How long does a soft denture reline last?

A soft denture reline would last for 2 years.

Is a denture reline kit a good option?

If you find going to the dentists an expensive option, you can go for the OTC Reline kit. It will be helpful if you are unable to go to the dentist. However,  we would recommend you to get it done by your dentist only as you might cause damage to your denture in the process.

Also, the dental reline kit is not ideal or made for partial prostheses. Plus, this method is not for the long run. Hence, seeking help from a professional would be the best thing to do even if a denture reline kit is a good option.

How does a reline differ from a denture adjustment?

A reline is like a maintenance service whereas adjustments are done in case of any sudden and major change to the prostheses, like if they have suffered any trauma. Relines are just a way to keep your dentures in place and are done timely. Adjustments on the other hand are done only in cases of sudden damage or change like loss of a tooth, etc.

Wrapping it Up

That was it all about denture reclines. I hope you have all found the above article of use. In case you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Healthy Smiling:-)

Different Types of Dentures

If you are wondering, then yes, there are different types of Dentures. Basically, there are 4 major types of dentures that one can get. These include – Complete or Full Dentures, Partial Dentures, Flipper Tooth, and Conventional or immediate dentures. If you are interested to know more about these denture types, then keep reading further.

Types of Dentures

Types of Dentures

Now, who does not like multiple options? You will certainly be thrilled to see a variety to choose from for your clothing, eating, and binging series or movies, right? Such a variety of options suits the convenience of users. However, how would you know which one is the right option for you?

The article below described the different types of dentures and thus helped you get an insight into different types of dentures and which one might be suitable for you. First, however, make sure to discuss this with your dentist!

Types of dentures

There are many types of dentures, each with its own benefits and disadvantages. You can choose a natural-looking mouth or even a full-face smile with a complex-looking smile.They can be made from various types of materials, including rubber, plastic, or even silicon.

  • Traditional/conventional complete full dentures
  • partial dentures
  • custom dentures
  • immediate dentures
  • implant supported dentures
  • snap-in dentures
  • overdentures
  • upper dentures
  • economy dentures

Different Types of Dentures


Every person is different, and so is their mouth. Depending on your dental structure, teeth shapes, and so on, every person has a different build-up. Considering this variety, the dentures too are of different types. Check out the different types of dentures below to know more about them.

1. Complete/Full Dentures

As you can deduce from the name itself, Full or Complete Dentures are the ones when the dentist removes all of your teeth and give you a completely new set of teeth. Under the Complete dentures, there are further 2 sub-types as below-

  • Conventional vs. Immediate Dentures

Conventional Full Replacement of teeth is a denture procedure where all the remaining teeth are removed, and your gums are given time of generally several months so that they can heal. Until then, you are not given the replacement.

Whereas the immediate dentures are full replacement of teeth right after the teeth are removed. In the initial visit to the dentist, your teeth measurements will be taken so as to give you the replacement.

If convenience is taken into consideration, Immediate dentures are always the preferred ones. You will not have to stay without teeth, but there is one drawback that the dentist will have to reline them in few months as the bones reshape on healing.

2. Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are the ones to consider in case you have a few remaining natural teeth that are still intact and in a healthy condition. When one has a few healthy teeth that are also intact, they can go for partial teeth.

In case of a partial replacement, the dentures are attached to the gum-colored based, which is generally connected by the metal frame that helps in keeping the dentures intact.

After that, a fixed bridge is used to replace one or more teeth using crowns on the teeth on either side of space and attaching the artificial teeth to them.

This way, the spaces in between the teeth can be filled in the partial dentures. And thus, the teeth are prevented from moving. You also get the option of precision partial dentures, which has clasps that are attached or detached from the crowns.

3. Flipper Tooth

Flipper tooth is a type of partial removable denture which is generally used by dentists as a temporary replacement for missing teeth. If there are any spaces in your mouth where the teeth are missing, this replacement can be a great option till the permanent teeth come.

Flipper teeth are made of gum-colored acrylic. These teeth generally have clasps which will fit around the natural teeth for supporting them. This denture procedure is actually quite easy for the patient and they can also remove the teeth to clean them.

Flipper tooth are considered as one of the best and easiest teeth replacement as they are easy to remove and clean, easy to insert, lightweight but also strong to help you eat like you would usually.

Cost of the Different Types of Dentures

cost of dentures

cost of dentures

Dentures can be costly enough and you will have to thus consider the cost of the dentures before making a decision on which type of denture to get. But this also depends on your oral conditions and what your doctor prescribes you.

While taking dentures, here are a few things that one must consider – Dental insurance cover, type of denture, place to get denture from, materials used in the denture, other related procedures like tooth extractions or surgery, warranty offered, and so on.

Now coming to the price, generally, dentures are priced from $300 to $500. This depends on various factors like lower or upper, etc. If you want to get high-quality replacements, get ready to spend a thousand dollars or more. Given below is the most common pricing system according to denture types –

  • Basic dentures – $600 to $1000
  • Mid-range dentures – $1000 to $2000
  • Premium dentures – $4000 to $8000
  • Partial dentures – $700 to $1800
  • Implant-supported dentures – $30000 to $50000

Do not think of the price here. These mere numbers are not as important as your oral hygiene. Oral care is very crucial and something like a denture should never be ignored. Make sure to get your dentures as soon as you can.

Bottom Line

That was it all about different types of dentures. I hope you have all found the article of use. Just note that, although you have got many options with dentures, the best for you will be known to your dentist.

In case of any doubts, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you out.

Healthy Smiling:-)